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There will be a showdown of the most wanted masked singers in the county. With your help, judges will have the final say in the East Venue on Saturday, May 21, 2022 at 2:00pm. Bring your family, friends and most rustling, tussling cowboy/cowgirl gear! Open House to follow in the Garage. 

Childcare is provided for kids ages 3 years and under. Childcare registration for this event will close at 3:00pm on Thursday, May 12, 2022. Any submissions received after this date will be added to a waitlist. 






Register during RETHINK CHRISTMAS for the best price on this years SUMMER EXPERIENCES. Get details or sign up at the link below.


COED :: Golf Scramble

Come join in on a fun-filled day of fellowship, food, prizes and of course a little golf along the way! Golf Scramble will be Saturday, May 28, at Arrowhead Heights Golf Course in Camp Point, IL. Registration is open through May 22, 2022! For more information, contact David Beuttel.

COED :: Summer Connect Seminar "The Story of Scripture"

Has reading the Bible ever left you feeling like you've missed an episode? Have you found yourself inspired by what you are reading but not really sure how all the events and characters fit together within the bigger picture? Join us June 11 OR 12, 2022; two times, one seminar. Register online or in the lobby through June 5. This seminar will help you discover how all of the history, laws, prophecy, poetry and personal letters found in the Bible fit together in a unified story that leads to Jesus.