Curious about what your next steps might be in this season of your spiritual journey?

Whether you are new to Madison Park or have been here for a while, we believe everyone has a next step in pursuing Jesus.
Next Steps - 1

Getting Started

If you are new to our gathering, Starting Point or Foundations are great places to start. For those looking to turn in your old ways for new life in Christ, baptism is probably for you.

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Next Steps - 2

Going Deeper

Many find connecting with one another around God’s Word to be really beneficial and you could do that by joining a small group. God gifts each of us to be contributors to his mission; maybe you would like to do that by getting involved in Missions. If you are sensing a next step is for you, but not sure what that looks like, contact Ryan Wiemelt and he will get you connected in the right conversation.

Next Steps - 3 - Foundations


Foundations is a four-week study about what we believe and how we experience life change. Learn about the basics of Christianity and what it means to be a part of Madison Park Christian Church. Foundations is a great follow-up to Starting Point and is offered on a regular basis.

If you have any questions about Foundations, email Ryan Wiemelt.

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What questions do you have about baptism?

We would love to have a conversation with you about this next step.

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