Curious about what your next steps might be in this season of your spiritual journey?

Whether you are new to Madison Park or have been here for a while, we believe everyone has a next step in pursuing Jesus.
Next Steps - 1

Getting Started

If you are new to our gathering, Starting Point is a great place to start!

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Next Steps - 2

Going Deeper

Many find connecting with one another around God’s Word to be really beneficial and you could do that by joining a small group. God gifts each of us to be contributors to his mission; maybe you would like to do that by getting involved in Missions. If you are sensing a next step is for you, but not sure what that looks like, contact Ryan Wiemelt and he will get you connected in the right conversation.

Next Steps - 3 - Foundations


Foundations is a four-week study about what we believe and how we experience life change. Learn about the basics of Christianity and what it means to be a part of Madison Park Christian Church. Foundations is a great follow-up to Starting Point and is offered on a regular basis.

If you have any questions about Foundations, email Ryan Wiemelt.

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What questions do you have about baptism?

We would love to have a conversation with you about this next step.

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